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Address:6F Building E, Jinlei Industry,Huangdong village,Fenggang Town,Dongguan,Guangdong
Tel: 86-0769-82850710

Order process

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Step 1    Send your product design drawings (Solidworks, IGES, AutoCAD). Optionally, you can send us a sample or just a description of what you need, and our CAD designer can make engineering drawings for you. Non-disclosure agreements can be signed upfront.


Step 2    Email to describe your needs. We want to know your quality concerns and your order quantity. For example, do you need 1 cavity mold or 4 cavity; do you need mirror polishing the mold to achieve nice surface; what are the critical dimensions? A lot of times, our engineers will make suggestions to make your design more suitable for mass production. Our customer service team has native English speakers and make communications easier.


Step 3    Mold design according to the part drawing(5 days). After mould design completed, we will send it to customer for approval before cutting steel.


Step 4    Mold making (10-40 DAYS) This involves CNC milling of mold core cavity and is a slow process.


Step 5    Test molding, T1 (1-3 DAYS) and quality checking and tweaking.


Step 6    Sample confirmation. We airship some samples to you.


Step 7    Mass production. Consistent quality is maintained by regular checking of products and mold condition. For certain products, color matching, ROSH compliance or use of food safe material is carefully regulated. Material certification can be provided.

Step 8    We handle export logistics and ship to your door. For 7 years, we have worked with many customers in Germany, France, England, Australia and USA. Note:If your product involves more than plastics, we also offer the following capacities.
* In house production capacities for metal machining, metal stamping and assembly.
* Established low-cost supply base for aluminum extrusion, die casting, packaging materials and certain electrical components.