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Thirteen Five mold industry is expected to break 400 billion


Thirteen Five mold industry is expected to break 400 billion

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      Has been called "the mother of industry," the mold industry mainly relying on the traditional line market to enhance economic efficiency, although this business model to support the country's more than 30,000 mold manufacturing enterprises, but does not match the supply and demand is still the main problem among the traditional mold industry.
      Competitive world mold manufacturing industry is becoming more competitive, with the development of mold industry globalization layout, Japan and the US as the world's two largest producing countries are mold accelerated the pace of overseas development; mold in their share of national industrial output value the proportion showing a declining trend, but Japan and the United States die in a global high-end products still occupy an important position.
       Statistics show that as countries die manufacturing center to China as the representative of the developing countries, the transfer of domestic mold manufacturing industry was growing rapidly, but also further intensified competition in the industry. Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region is China two mold manufacturing base and sales distribution center, increased competition in the two areas, where the number of foreign-funded enterprises, the proportion of revenue and profits reached 35.98%, 47.19% and 56.05%, in China's mold manufacturing industry competition occupy a very important position.
       Mold industry experts said today in a new era of pervasive Internet, promotion of traditional marketing model can not meet the needs of industry. To mold the rapid development of the industry, walk in the forefront of the times, leveraging the Internet, make full use of the Internet thinking is the inevitable choice of traditional industries.
       The Internet is the fastest medium current information dissemination, through the relevant big data network platform to help enterprises understand the acquired product type and quantity-related market demand for mold, how to help companies make an important and reasonable production guidance. At the same time integrate with the Internet, the effective promotion of the mold products, product backlog to get better, there is a problem in many developing traditional industries are helping the Internet achieve success under the industrial revolution.
       According to Prospect Industrial Research Institute "2016-- China mold industry outlook and forecast 2021 investment strategy planning analysis report" shows that China's mold production technology has been greatly improved, and some level of mold production close to or reached the international level. During the expected "Thirteen Five", China mold output may exceed 400 billion.
      Current mold industry is still facing great opportunities and challenges, the Internet provides a huge market for the mold industry, manufacturing of precision needed, car cover mold, electronic connectors and other electronic products, such as mold, still heavily dependent on imports, dies product export deficit of more than 10 billion dollars, the future of the fight is the core competitiveness of products, domestic and foreign alike, to develop China's mold industry, business and government need to work hard in technological research and innovation up and down.