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China Mould market for the first time ranked first in the world


China Mould market for the first time ranked first in the world

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The annual China mold industry event, The 16th China International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition on June 28 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, about 800 Chinese companies exhibiting the most representative mold. Show Statistics show that China's mold market size in 2015 for the first time ranked first in the world.
According to China Die & Mould Industry Association statistics, despite the macroeconomic slowdown, but in 2015 China Mould market still grew 4.2% over the previous year, reaching 155 billion yuan, the annual total of 31,000 patents, the biggest this year , 16.6% of which are invention patents. 160 key enterprises industry sales maintained a double-digit growth of 10%, the rapid development of high-end and high-end smart mold professional mold production base in the town, showing the mold industry is accelerating the transformation and upgrading through innovation.
       Statistics show that in 2015, Chinese exports of 5.08 billion US dollars mold, an increase of 3.3 percent over the previous year; Die imports $ 2.485 billion, down 4%. China-related export countries and regions of the mold reached 189, more than one million US dollars export enterprises reached 733, the export surplus rose 11.5%, indicating that price advantage Chinese mold can survive.
According to China Die & Mould Industry Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General Wu Bing introduces Outlook "Thirteen Five", China mold market is still expected to provide stable growth opportunities for domestic and overseas enterprises:
1. First, the Chinese automobile as the main representative of the transportation equipment, home appliances, consumer electronics and plastic products as the main representative of light industry products, communications terminals, network terminals, represented by information technology products, instrumentation, electrical appliances, IC as the main representative of the mechanical and electrical equipment and components industry base, as well as home building materials industries, such as mold "big users" industry, have been related to the global manufacturing large country, this pattern will not change in the next three to five years;
2. Second, China in recent years, the rapid development of high-speed trains, rail trains, medical equipment, commercial aircraft, robotics, 3D printing equipment and other industries, will provide new space for development mold industry. In turn, the mold industry will also help "Made in China" becomes further grow stronger.
It is predicted that by 2020, China mold market size is expected to reach 250 billion yuan, accounting for the total market demand for high-grade mold needs Liucheng. Industry key enterprises is expected to increase from 160 to about 200, and its proportion of total industry sales of 25%.