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Traditional mold industrial transformation go?


Traditional mold industrial transformation go?

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   June 14 --16 days, 2016 Guangdong Machinery Mould Industry Leaders Summit and the First Guangdong mold machinery industry innovations Trade Fair held in Hengli Town, Dongguan City. Town in the province of professional collaborative innovation work site meetings held at the same time, the mechanical hold Hengli mold industry innovation trade fair, reflects the professional township and professional development, for innovators to take the Characteristics of the Taiwan Affairs Office Exhibition.
   The event has 63 companies, institutions and agencies participating, professors and experts inside and outside the province two academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the province focused on nearly 300 business leaders attended the summit. From Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Jieyang and other places of the 18 mold machinery industry leading enterprises exhibitors, further highlights the Hengli Town in recent years around the mold Industry to carry out collaborative innovation work created by the influence and cohesion.
   The event demonstrated, the vast majority of the past two years to carry out research cooperation enterprises and institutions made the industrialization of results and highlights the following characteristics:
   First, become intelligent manufacturing industrial upgrading direction. Dongguan Jin Sheng Precision Components Co., Ltd. and university research institutions Huazhong University of Science, South China University of Technology long-term cooperation, has accumulated a wealth of experience, its precision manufacturing strength structural parts in the world and the top three, built a domestic industry with the first national production CNC system configuration core unmanned intelligent key equipment manufacturing plant, its "mobile terminal Metalworking intelligent manufacturing the new model" has become one of the 42 intelligent manufacturing demonstration.
   Wheel Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is the second domestic mold industry main board listed company. In recent years, they insist on collaborative innovation, and Zhongshan University academician Chen Xiaoming cooperation in the establishment of the "chemical materials and technology academician workstation", and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University jointly established the "naked mold technology center", and the Guangdong University of Technology to build the "Die Digital Project research base "and" mechanical engineering graduate innovative training base, "and has a national, provincial engineering center. The company developed and manufactured meridian tire mold, breaking the mold of tire-grade long-term dependence on imports, won the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The company showcased industrial robots and intelligent equipment, to achieve the industrial robot and intelligent production line of complete sets of equipment industry, and began the "Intelligent Manufacturing + big data" strategic layout.
   Second, the information technology industry in transition to become an important support. For the mold of traditional industries such as machinery, the transition lies in how industrial ecology structure, transform the mode of production and innovation, in order to achieve the industry from extensive management to intensive management, the scale economy to quality and efficiency of economic change. The show, Beijing Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and wisdom made Hengli mold industry collaborative innovation center to create space cloud network die area, and help mold the network, Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Janus shows mold industry information technology latest results. Dongguan City Year Industrial Co., Ltd. is a mold Hengli Town, four companies formed a joint mold industry information service platform, the meeting showed them through the Internet, to carry out collaborative design, collaborative manufacturing, collaborative service of the new model.
   Third, new materials, new areas become industrial breakthrough innovations concerns. Lightweight Automobile is a key state to encourage the development of the field. Silver Basis, Thailand mold and other companies in recent years with a number of University jointly conduct applied research of carbon fiber composites, high-strength steel, etc., on display at this show of their industrial achievements. The station is located in Hengli Town Extension Technology Co., Ltd. is a surplus demonstrated their use of liquid metal products. The company through the introduction of world-class R & D team, and cooperation with domestic research institutions to obtain substantial progress in the study of liquid metal material preparation, molding equipment and technology to achieve the liquid metal from the laboratory to industrial production breakthrough. Guangzhou, Ogilvy in this company at the show debuted dynamic pressure gas bearing and its application of the results. This has multi-national patent innovations from Shanghai, Xian, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places more than 60 collaborative R & D team of experts successfully reached the world advanced level.
    Fourth, collaborative innovation become the main theme. In this show, covering 150 square meters of circular area university collaborative innovation exceptionally bright. Here we gathered the results of the eight institutions Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhongshan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in Guangdong Branch of the center in recent years to carry out mechanical mold industry collaborative innovation achieved.