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Hot Runner is a kind of advanced technology in plastic injection molding.The material in runners from injection

machine nozzle to cavities is maintained in a molten state and is not ejected with the molded part.


There are lots of hot runner manufacturers and product series, but a typical hot runner system is constituted by:

(1) Manifold

(2) Nozzle

(3) Temperature controller 

(4) Auxiliary parts


-Potential faster cycle times.

-Save materials. No material wasted. It is very meaningful for the projects that plastic material is expensive.

-Improve quality of molded parts. The parts molded by hot runner usually are with nice cosmetic quality.

-No need for robotics or human to remove runners.

-Can accommodate larger parts.



-More higher mold cost

-Color cannot by easily changes

-Higher maintenance costs and potential downtime

-May not be suited to certain thermally sensitive materials


Which kind of runner systems is more suitable? Cold runner or hot runner? We are professional in the field of

plastic injection molding process and will be able to help you analyze based on your projects. 

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